Deliciously Ella Banana Milkshake

Deliciously Ella Banana Milkshake A banana milkshake from McDonald’s was my favourite sweet treat when I was little. I didn’t have them very often, so when I was handed my paper cup and individually wrapped straw I savoured every second. The suspense of seeing the thick liquid slowly travelling up the straw made the first sip taste even better. I get equally as excited about making Deliciously Ella’s banana milkshakes. I’ve tweaked the recipe a little to suit my taste buds. The result is both really yummy and really healthy. I make sure I have my freezer stocked with sliced ripe bananas. This means I can pull out a bag of frozen banana coins and pop them into my blending jug at any time. I then add in 1 Medjool date, 300ml of almond milk and a tablespoon of almond butter and whiz it all up using my hand bender. Recently, I’ve been enjoying these at breakfast time as they’re so quick and simple to make. I feel like I’m indulging but the ingredients are all so good for you! Of course they taste even better enjoyed in the garden and accessorised with a stripy straw!

One thought on “Deliciously Ella Banana Milkshake

  1. I loved the McDonalds banana milkshakes, they were a rare treat for me too! Haven't had one in yonks, will have to make one very soon! Xx


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