A Bookish Request

A Bookish Request

Let’s talk about books.

I used to be that person who had 5 books on the go at one time. I was that child who would hide in bedrooms or bathrooms with my nose in a book when I visited other people’s houses. And then university came along.

Of course, I studied Literature. The thing is, uni was tough for me. A fear of failure, perfectionism and a never ending course reading list didn’t mix well. Since graduating I really haven’t read as much as I used to. That is, until now. I’d forgotten what reading for pleasure was and it feels SO GOOD!

In between chapters of ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ and endless George R R Martin reading sprees, I’ve been discovering more and more BookTubers too. I’ve been aware of the BookTube community for a while now but only recently actually sat and watched people’s videos. Despite not adding my two cents (just yet) and being a bit of a lurker in the comments section, I feel that I’m part of a conversation about something I love. And that makes me happy.

So I’d love some recommendations. For books, BookTubers, twitter chats, anything book related! ‘H is for Hawk’ is going to be my next novel to get stuck into – unless you have a brilliant book that you’d like to share with me?

4 thoughts on “A Bookish Request

  1. I did the same, silly Lit degrees, eh? I've been recommending The Goldfinch to everyone recently! 🙂 x


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