Stationery Addict

FiloFax Clipbook Planner Decorative Washi TapeCute Sticky Notes and Page Markers

At the beginning of January I swapped my usual diary for a Filofax Clipbook. Apart from owning a Funfax in the 90s (remember these?), I’m a complete planner newbie. After getting some inspiration from Pinterest and the #plannerlove tag on Instagram, I was ready to get out the washi tape and get stuck in!

The Clipbook itself is marketed as more of a notebook – but it comes with week on two pages, monthly and yearly inserts.  I can see how it wouldn’t be suitable for a die-hard planner fan but as a beginner I’m finding it really easy to use.  My old diary was A5 size and after a bit of nifty recycling I now have dividers and a zip pocket which fit in perfectly.

I wanted my planner to be a fun and cute space for me to keep track of events and daily activities.  For supplies, I shop around everywhere!  I’ve managed to pick up bits and bobs from places such as IKEA, Poundland, Wilkos, The Works and Ebay.  My weekly food shop now also involves a trip down the stationery aisle too!  The most used items in my decorating kit include a pad of 12″x12″ scrapbooking paper, an endless supply of washi tape and adorable sticky notes of various sizes.

I love that organising my week is like scrapbooking but on a smaller scale.  I now look forward to the things I have planned- it’s kind of hard not to when your to-do list is written on a smiling polar bear!

8 thoughts on “Stationery Addict

  1. Omg those post its are adorable! I heart stationery so much and i need to buy some more since i'm running out!


  2. I've always had a undying love for stationery! I loved choosing new pens and notepads for school, but the trends kind of carried on through my adult life too.There is nothing more exciting than the start of a new notebook/journal!x x x


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