Three Things I Learnt From My First Christmas Fayre

At the end of last week, I took Isobelle’s Pantry into the wild and had a table at my very first Fayre.  I was such a busy bee all week, worrying that I’d forgotten something important and, sadly, it wasn’t quite the success I was hoping it would be.  However, I learnt three lessons that I’ll be sure to take on board for the next time!

As this was my first time selling in public, I wanted to go for a venue that was rather low key. I treated it as a trial run to minimise the chances of getting in a flap in front of customers!  Unfortunately, despite the organiser’s claims of promotion, there were very few customers.  Although I was disappointed with the number of sales, I’m actually quite glad that I was eased in gently to selling in person!  I’m already looking for locations with a larger footfall.

Before even thinking about what stock I was taking with me, I got onto Pinterest to research other people’s visual displays. I decided to go for a festive colour theme that complimented both my handmade and vintage products. Overall, I was really happy with how the stall looked. It took next to no time to arrange it all too, as I had a mental image of where everything would go. I managed to find a table cloth and runner in Primark to draw attention.  I also took along vintage suitcases and wrapped up an empty box to create height at either end of the table.  I’ll definitely be using these thrifty merchandising tricks again.

I was super nervous as I was setting up, but after a short while I felt relaxed and started chatting to other stall holders.  This proved to be just as valuable as talking to customers.  I was recommended another event to sell at and collected business cards from fellow sellers.  Turns out that I was being quite the business woman and was networking without realising!

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