Blogging – Three Things I’m Grateful For

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Blogging has had a bit of a hard time in the press recently.  It think sometimes it’s portrayed as being an easy career option for the MySpace generation.  The truth is far from that.  I’ve learnt a lot through blogging and have been given valuable opportunities along the way.

One of the main incentives to start my blog was the thriving sense of community amongst other bloggers.  There are friends to be made, debates to be had and help is often just a tweet away.  It’s comforting to know that you are in the company of like minded others who share your passion.  It’s not only bloggers who are a chatty bunch but PR contacts too.  I’ve been lucky enough to build relationships with people who either work for a digital agency, such as Total Media, or for the brand themselves.  There are chances to network around every virtual corner, both online and at events.  I’ve found this particularly helpful, as I’ve gained confidence in meeting new people and can now apply this to work situations. 

I’ve been grateful to be a part of an ever-changing industry and the future of digital media.  The way we consume information has drastically changed, even in the past five years.  Seeing how social media and blogging plays an integral part of marketing campaigns is so inspiring.  I particularly love seeing Benefit’s new campaigns and take inspiration from experimental marketing when thinking about new ideas for my own shop.

I’m naturally a creative person and blogging allows me to dabble in a variety of creative outputs.  From photography to blog design, I’m learning something new every day.  I have a notebook of scribbles and brainstorms by my side for when a new idea pops into my head.  

Writing for my blog has not only been heaps of fun but also I’m refining my skill-set all the time.  Every day’s a school day!

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