Little Luna Lovegood

This little one was 6 months old on Saturday and she’s now lived with us for half of her little life.  Whilst being the most adorable thing when she sleeps, she’s also incredibly playful and definitely knows how to keep me on my toes.  She’s the kookiest cat I know and I can’t imagine not sharing my days with her.  You can see more of her on Instagram – I’m always snapping her best moments!

Here are my six favourite things about my little Lunaface.

  • Jump on the duvet mountains‘ is her favourite game (…and mine too).  If I move whilst under the covers, she’ll pounce immediately.  Lots of cat acrobatics and giggles ensue. 
  • She carries her favourite toys in her mouth while trotting from room to room.  Dressing gown belts are always found in the strangest of places after she’s dragged them elsewhere.
  • Her Puss-in-Boots eyes when she plays peek-a-boo are astounding. 
  • She follows me everywhere and doesn’t like to be in a room on her own.  She even has a nap on the bathmat while I have a soak!
  • She’s always loved chasing her tail.  I’ll never get bored of watching her run in circles.
  • By the afternoon she’s usually worn herself out and it’s time for a nap.  The days when she decides to jump on my knee and curl up while I’m internetting are the best.

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