What’s Made Me Happy #3

A rainbow of tomatoes  /  Cheering up the garden
#todayisscaryselfies  /  Preparing for Halloween with Access All ASOS

My tomato plants started to look a little worse for wear a couple of weeks back.  I picked the remaining fruit and left them on the kitchen windowsill to ripen.  They’ve been ripening at different stages and there’s all sorts of bright colours  – they almost look like sweets!  I’ve also planted up a pot with some new plants and placed it where I can see it from the kitchen window.  The bright pink cyclamen are putting a smile on my face while I do the washing up!
I was so excited to find out I’d been made an ASOS Insider last week.  I’ve been loving getting involved in their Halloween activities!   I may or may not have been wearing my bat glasses round the house while singing This Is Halloween to myself…

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