Fossil Sydney Zip Clutch from Bagable

I like to keep organised when I’m out and about.  Fossil’s classically chic Sydney Zip Clutch*, from Bagable, is perfect popping in my bag and keeping my cash, cards and piles of receipts safe and sound.  There are plenty of card slots and compartments to keep all my bits and bobs nice and tidy.  It’s the perfect sized purse for me and fits like a dream in my trusty vintage bag.
The camel leather and gold stamped detail makes this purse feel luxurious and a bit special.  I chose this simple but timeless design as I know it will last me a while.  I love that there’s a splash of bright colour when you open it up – all the other colours options have contrasting cotton twill linings too.
Among other brands such as Kipling and Nica, Bagable stock more of Fossil’s sophisticated Sydney collection.  I love that you can mix and match the different bags and purses to create your own personalised look.  FYI, Father Christmas – I’ve got my eye on the Sydney Satchel Handbag!

7 thoughts on “Fossil Sydney Zip Clutch from Bagable

  1. Wow just found your post while researching wallets, and I'm so glad I did! Since you wrote this 2 years ago, what is your opinion on it now? How did it wear? I'm looking to invest into this exact shade and want to make sure it doesn't look crap in a few years! Thanks! 🙂


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