September Favourites

I’ve heard a lot about the L’Oreal No Sulphates range on the blogosphere and decided to give the Ever Riche conditioner a go.  The Ever Riche range is for very dry hair and I can honestly say that my hair has changed for the better.  It’s so easy to manage now and my ends look nourished and shiny!  The effects of the conditioner seem to last until my next wash.  I’ve been won over by this conditioner.

As it’s started to get colder, I’ve felt my skin changing and becoming dry at times.  I stopped using this cream over the summer as it was a little heavy for my oily skin.  However, I’ve been using the Vitamin E Moisture Cream every other day to combat the dryness I’ve been experiencing.  My skin certainly feels a lot more hydrated after adding back into my skincare routine.

I’ve wanted to add Cranberry to my MAC palette for a.g.e.s!  During one of the #bblogger chats at the beginning of the month Hannah from Cagney and Lace mentioned that she was selling it her blog sale and I immediately snapped it up!  I’ve loved using it to add depth to a plum smoky eye and also as liner with Twinks.  It’s such a great shade for autumn and I’m so glad I finally managed to get my hands on it!

4 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. MAC's cranberry is the perfect colour for a bit of a festive smoky eye, definitely going to be repurchasing mine for this A/W.I've heard so much about the Ever Riche conditioner, will definitely be checking it out, as winter makes my hair soooo unhappy! xx


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