Festival Essentials

I’m writing this post from the depths of my festival blues.  Is anyone else wishing they were at Reading or Leeds this weekend?  Instead of being there, I’ll be watching the BBC highlights – kitted out in my Hunters and flower crown of course!  If I was there, however, this is what I would have packed…

Wellies are a festival must.  It will rain at some point and there’s nothing worse than having soggy feet.  I usually wear my original green Hunters, but these navy striped boots are a lovely alternative.

Denim shorts are a festival favourite of mine.  Layering is ideal for the unpredictable weather.  Make sure you’ve got tights, a pair of super cosy tights and even leggings.  These will keep your pins warm and take up minimal space in your luggage.  Topshop’s acid wash offerings are my favourites.

And then we come to the Pac a Mac.  Not the most glamorous of outerwear but anything that’s lightweight and waterproof is perfect festival attire.  This lace version from Warehouse isn’t exactly the most practical, but it sure is pretty!  Have a peek in Primark for one too, I have a navy one with white horses on that is super cute!

Keep beauty products simple.  Dry shampoo, concealer and a cheap waterproof mascara should make up the bare bones of your make up bag.  If your foundation is packaged in a glass bottle, decant some into a small plastic tester pot.  If you’re feeling fancy, add in some colourful fake lashes and neon facepaint.

It can be easy to worry about what to take to a festival.  But remember that you don’t need to dress up.  Don’t take clothes that you spent a lot of money on.  You probably won’t even wear half of what you take anyway.  You’ll be thankful that you only took the essentials when you carry everything home after your amazing weekend!

7 thoughts on “Festival Essentials

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