Scully’s of London @ Popup Britain Camberley

A couple of weeks ago, whilst shopping in Camberley, I came across one of the Popup Britain stores.  Intrigued and keen to kind out more, I stepped inside and found myself introduced to the Popup Britain store concept and six independent brands I’d not heard of before.

Popup Britain offers online start-up businesses the chance to try out selling their goods in a physical space for two weeks at a time.  Empty stores are taken over by six different independent retailers for their first chance to get their products onto the high street.  Not only is this a fantastic opportunity for the retailers but also an inspired idea to improve the health of Britain’s struggling high streets.

I was delighted to see an organic skincare company, Scully’s of London, occupying a sixth of the space in the Camberley store.  Their product range includes hayfever balms, bath milks and candles.  They also have unique ranges tailored to gardeners and chefs.  I particularly liked the Chef’s Hand Cream, containing Sweet Mandarin to counteract the odours of garlic, fish and onions!

I’m really glad I stumbled across the Camberley store and hope to see more stores opening up around the UK!

Have you discovered any new brands at a Popup Britain shop near you?

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