Make-up Storage Wish List

My every growing make-up collection has recently started to spill out of the boxes, bags and drawers that it’s currently kept in.  I had been tempted by the clear acrylic storage from Muji, but the perfectionist in me is slightly concerned with the potential of grubby finger prints! I’m still considering my options and have compiled a wish list of cute alternatives.

The Yngaren bowl from Ikea would be a great place for my most used nail polishes, rather than hidden away in a drawer.  They also do a larger pink version if grey isn’t your cup of tea.

Whilst browsing the Muji website, I came across this quirky pen holder.  I love all the detail in it; how cute are the little trees!  There’s lots of sections to hold either makeup brushes, mascaras or pencils.  They also do a Paris and New York version.

Glass sweet jars are adorable and would be perfect new home for cotton wool pads or cotton buds.  Although, I’d be so tempted to fill it up with emergency sweets for those days when I get in a flap about my liquid eyeliner not being symmetrical!

I couldn’t resist adding in these paint pot jars from Laura Ashley!  As much as I’d love to have them brimming with paintbrushes and pencils in my imaginary studio, they’d be fab for keeping hairbrushes and my rapidly extending collection of make up brushes in.

I’ve had my current Cath Kidston make up bag for longer than I remember and as much as I love it, it’s starting to look a little worse for wear.  I love the bold print of this one and hope that it will last as long as my current one has!

How do you store your make-up?

11 thoughts on “Make-up Storage Wish List

  1. I love the paint pot jars. Might get one because I'm looking for some new ideas to store my make-up and make-up brushes and this is so perfect and cute x x


  2. I love Muji, every time I go in I come out with something! I remember seeing that pen stand and clutching it for an age before realising I didn't know what I could really use it for. Now with hindsight… make up brushes!! Of course!E x


  3. Love the paint pot jars soo cute and quirky! I need more storage and something to put my own stamp on too defiantly something I am going to look in to, spesh mujiPipp xx


  4. Oh my gosh! Love these! Love Laura Ashley. I store my makeup brushes in the cute Anthropologie mugs that they sell. Then I've collected old vintage platters and pedestals from the Flea Market where I store lipsticks and other things 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing these other great ideas!!Would you like to follow each other??xoEmilyThe Rancher's Daughter


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