Beauty & Skincare at Marks and Spencer

I have to admit, I never thought I’d be writing a rave review Marks and Spencer’s beauty offerings.  Until recently, if you’d have mentioned Marks and Spencer and beauty in the same sentence to me, a rose scented bath set would have been the first thing I thought of.  I had seen the shiny, new beauty hall on previous visits but had never looked around properly, but the other night, I did just that.

I was initially intrigued by their foundations, as the lightest shade looked like a good match for my skin tone.  I started talking about the range to the beauty consultant, Kim, and before I knew it, my coat was off and I was making myself comfortable on a stool.  Kim started by getting to know my skin by asking about my particular concerns and everyday skincare regime.  I have ‘problem’ skin and she recommended that I consider changing my skin care routine to tackle the issues I was hoping the foundation would cover. 

Her suggestions couldn’t have come at a better time.  After recently watching Meg’s video on budget skincare, I’ve wanted to become more dedicated to using all natural products.  REN and Skyn Iceland were the brands that Kim selected for me and she created a routine tailored to my skin’s (very demanding) needs!

I really liked that Kim was able to choose items from different brands, something I’ve never experienced in other department stores.  All the products felt light and fresh on my face and Kim talked me through each one.  We then started to discuss foundations and I settled for Marks and Spencer’s own Autograph Ultimate Wear Long Lasting foundation in Ivory.  It’s a lightweight, full coverage foundation that creates a flawless finish. 
Kim added a delicate sweep of bronzer and a pop of pink blusher before finishing the look with Autograph Moisture Colour Lipstick.  She applied the shade Rosie, which is a stunning blue-toned berry pink and really makes green eyes pop. 
Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my recent experience.  I bought the foundation on the spot and the other products that I tried are on my wish list!  Kim was fantastic too.  Throughout our chat, she made me feel relaxed and worthy of a pamper!  She was understanding about my skin’s needs and it was like talking to a friend.  I’ve been won over with Marks and Spencer’s winning combination of fabulous products and superb customer service. 
What are your thoughts about beauty at M&S?

3 thoughts on “Beauty & Skincare at Marks and Spencer

  1. I noticed they done makeup a few months ago, I didn't think much of it tbh but I'm needing a new foundation so I think I might just check this one out! Great post:)


  2. It's refreshing to see costumer care is still important in some stores! What a lovely experience! And Kim is right, I believe the most important area to invest in is skin care rather than make. I found it hard to make the switch, but it's the right thing to do! haha I just started following your blog and I'm loving it!


  3. Kim is my daughter (REALLY!) and she is exactly as fabulous as the author describes. She won't be at M&S until April though because she's coming to visit me in Texas, so adjust your schedule as necessary 😉


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