Vintage Brighton Post-Card

This is one of my favourite vintage things I’ve bought in recent months.  As soon as I saw it on eBay, I eagerly placed a bid and thankfully managed to win it!  One of the things I miss the most about Brighton are actually the seagulls, so I was really glad that they feature on the post card, along with the pier.  The colours look great against my marshmallow pink bedroom walls and overall I’m so pleased with it!

I can’t wait for the car boot sales to start up again.  Everyone near me seems to be scared of the colder weather and I have to wait until the spring for them to start.  For now, my vintage-hunting is done in charity shops and that’s where I’m heading today.  Fingers crossed I’ll find some more gems!

What vintage treasures have you found recently?

2 thoughts on “Vintage Brighton Post-Card

  1. oh i love it! i'm always looking for pretty vintage postcards to decorate my room with. i usually hunt in charity shops. i hadn't thought about looking on ebay 🙂 x


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