Scentsy Wickless Candles

Scentsy provide an exciting wickless alternative to candles.  Their warmers are electical and heat up scented wax via a light bulb.  They are a fantastic way to enjoy scented candles without the risk of a naked flame and would be perfect for those with wandering little ones or inquisitive pets (my cat almost singed his whiskers while investigating a tea-light the other day).  There is a large range of decorative warmers to choose from, they have something to suit everyone.

Images provided by Lori

I was very kindly sent some sample scents to try by Lori, who is an Independent Scentsy Consultant from the US.  Scentsy works in a similar way to Avon and other home businesses, in that you grow your own buisness by becoming a consultant.  Although the company orginiated in America, they have now expanded to the UK and the rest of Europe.  The wax is available to buy in a bar form and you simply break off a couple of sections and pop it on the dish on top of your warmer to begin melting. 

Linger is a sweet and light fragrance that includes pink grapefruit, apple, praline and marshmallow.  It’s fast becoming one of favourite scents.  I was sent some mini samles to test out too; my favourites were Pumpkin Roll, Peppermint Dreams, Pixi and Mandarin Moon.  All of these are perfect for this time of year and make your home feel cosier!  I took a peek at the rest of the range and really like the sound of Hazelnut Latte, Midnight Fig and Black Raspberry Vanilla.

I think a Scentsy warmer and bar of wax would make a lovely Christmas gift.  There are various festive items to choose from too!  If you would like to contact your local consultant to purchase Scentsy items, or if you are interested in joining Lori’s team and becoming a consultant yourself, you can email her –  You can also find out more on her Scentsy site here, or on her blog here.

What do you think of Scentsy?

4 thoughts on “Scentsy Wickless Candles

  1. I'm a Scentsy consultant here in the UK and cannot say enough how much I love it! Let me know if you fancy trying out any of the new scents, there are some fab additions coming this Autumn 🙂


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