No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Beanie Review

This No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour has been rolling around at the back of my drawer since last year as it’s not really a colour I wear during the Summer.  It is, however, the perfect shade for Autumn, so I rescued it from behind my other polishes! 

Named ‘Beanie’, the polish is a rich, deep grey-ish brown.  It’s similar to Barry M’s ‘Mushroom’, but perhaps a tad darker.  I like a really glossy finish to my nails.  In the photo below I’m not wearing a top-coat and you can see that ‘Beanie’ gives an excellent shine.  The first coat is a little patchy, but full opaque coverage is achieved in two coats.

The application is really improved by the brush, which is slightly longer than your average and has a nice rounded shape.  I’ve seen that No7 have since altered the bottles of their nail polishes; I really hope they’ve kept the design of the brush!

Despite the high-shine finish, you do need a good topcoat as I’ve found it can chip easily if it’s worn without one.  Overall, though, I really like this polish.  I’m glad I rescued it from the back of drawer and am now wondering what other treasures I’ve forgotten about.  I’m definitely going to have a rummage this week to see what else I can find!

Have you rediscovered any Autumn beauty must-haves recently?

12 thoughts on “No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Beanie Review

  1. What a lovely colour! You paint your nails so well! I must have really shaky hands or something because I always end up with nail polish all over my fingers :/


  2. barry M's Mushroom used to be my favourite and then I moved onto You Don't Know Jacques by OPI, but that's a bit expensive, so I should really go and have a look at this – it looks like something I'd really like. lovely review :)


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