Halo Protects: Supporting Women’s Health Charities

When I started blogging, the last things I expected to be writing about were feminine hygiene products.  However, the Halo Protects range has really impressed me with their contributions to women’s health charities so I thought they more than deserved a mention.

I actually picked these liners up during a quick dash around Tesco’s before I had to be at a friend’s house and it wasn’t until the next morning that I took any notice of what was written on the box.  I was pleased to see that 15p from every pack goes towards The Halo Initiative; a charity that raises funds and awareness for women’s charities.  Considering the fact that women in the UK spend over £20 million a month on sanitary protection, it’s comforting to think that now some of that money is going to help others with gynaecological cancers, mental health issues and those who have suffered from domestic violence.

So far, I’ve only tried the scented liners but will certainly be buying more from the range in future.  They are very good quality and I love the cute packaging; the liners themselves also have pink hearts on which brought a smile to my face.  Surely, this can only be a good thing for days when I want to eat my entire body weight in chocolate fudge cake and mope on the sofa watching Bridget Jones’ Diary

The Halo Protects range and The Halo Initiative were developed and set up by Tesco, and the range is available in-store and online.  I think this is a fantastic idea.  Previously, I hadn’t given any thought to how much is spent on products like this and am really glad that some of this revenue is now going to help others.  I like that with Halo Protects, not only am I protected on the days that I need it but I’m also helping keep others protected too!

What do you think of the Halo Protects charity contributions?

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