My New Vintage Bag

I’ve been searching car boot sales, charity shops and eBay for ages now in the hope of finding a vintage leather bag.  At one of the last car boots I went to this beauty was hiding amongst some belts and scarves on the end of a clothes rail.  It instantly caught my eye and I tentatively asked for the price.  To my delight, the lady only wanted £2 for it!  It’s got an old 80s Clarks label inside (along with a deceptive amount of space) and is in really good condition.  It’s certainly one of my favourite thrifty buys of this year.

It’s the perfect bag for casual daytime outfits.  Today I teamed it with a skater dress and scarf for a spot of shopping with my Mum.  I bought this dress last year in H&M and it’s great for unpredictable autumn weather as it layers well.

Next on my vintage wish list is the perfect white silk blouse and a beaded trophy top!

What thrifty bargains have you bought recently?

8 thoughts on “My New Vintage Bag

  1. OMGGEEE it's gorgeous! You thrifty bum! I got one from my nan's, quite similar, LOVE it to bits! (dontcha love it even more when you pay nothing/ nearly zilch for it!) You looking FINE ms B! xxxxxxx


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