Bedroom Inspiration

I’m in the process of re-decorating my bedroom.  I’ve never really had a girly room (bar the princess wallpaper that adorned my walls briefly when I was four or five) so this pink theme is certainly something new for me!  It’s going to be so nice to have somewhere a bit feminine and grown-up to relax in.  

Via Pinterest

So far my inspiration has been found on Pinterest, after hours and hours glued to different boards!  My bed is similar to the ones in the pictures, but with brass effect finials.  The main things I’d like to have in my room would be pink and white patterned bedding, fancy frames and a warm neutral palette.  My budget is a little tight so I’m hoping lots of thrifty finds will help accessorise the room.  Fingers crossed I can find things similar to these…

What colour theme would you go for?  Do you have any tips for finding thrifty bedroom accessories?

5 thoughts on “Bedroom Inspiration

  1. Wow I love your inspiration pics, I would love to do mine like this but it's a pain with being in the loft :(Charlee


  2. Wow everything looks so nice and relaxing! They look gorgeous, makes me want to re-do my bedroom now :(I think I'd go for the same colors, or maybe a pastel blue :) – xo


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