Graduation Outift Dilema!

Events that require a formal dress code scare me.  As soon as I read that someone is dictating what I have to wear, I instantly want to turn up in something quite the opposite!  My graduation is in two weeks and I’m supposed to wear ‘a dark dress or white shirt with dark trousers or skirt‘.  Gone are my hopes of wearing a feminine pastel/nude tailored ensemble from Zara! 

The white shirt and dark bottom half combination reminds me too much of my sixth form uniform so dark dress it will have to be, and considering my graduation robes are black my ‘dark dress’ has become a black dress.  The only LBDs I own are more suited to situations that usually involve a few double vodka and cokes in hand, rather than to be accompanied with a cap and gown!  And so I’ve been prowling the internet in search of a black dress that is simple yet not too boring.

I’ve come across a fair few that I like, but these two are my favourites so far; a scalloped edge number from Warehouse and a dragonfly jacquard dress from Oasis.  I think that the detailing on the dresses is minimal enough but cute none the less.  I’ve decided to keep accessories simple too and currently have my eye on a black triangle necklace and a solid bar short necklace.  Topshop’s Heart of Gold nail polish carries on the gold theme and I think it only necessary that I wear Topshop’s Brighton Rock lipstick!

Do you have any top tips for dressing for formal occasions?

4 thoughts on “Graduation Outift Dilema!

  1. I am having this exact same problem! I've seen a lot of really nice dresses on Dorothy Perkins but I'm just not sure which ones are right. I'm also really worried about shoes- I'd like to wear heels but I'm scared about decking it going up the stairs!I hope you're able to find something! xx


  2. I just stumbled on your blog and just had to leave a comment…Im lovin the one from Oasis! And of course a good lipstick, bright nails and great accessories are always key!!! Come on over and follow along my blog all about color! I think you'd enjoy it (but than again I might be a little bias?! ha)


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