Vintage Nation One Day Festival

Yesterday saw the first Vintage Nation event taking place at Brighton Racecourse.  My sister came down to see me and we braved the wind to go and have a look.  I was quite looking forward to the fake beach, but we were too scared of the wind and stayed inside for most of the time!

I sadly didn’t manage to get any photos of inside as I was too busy rummaging around the stalls!  Everywhere was decked out with balloons and bunting and there were more sellers than I expected with clothes, furniture and knick-knacky bits and bobs.  I was on the hunt for any blouses with cute collars but sadly didn’t find any that were my size.  I did come across two fantastic dresses; one pale yellow broderie anglaise and the other powder blue lace.  They were a little above my budget however, so I had to leave them for someone else.

I spied lots of pretty floral glassware too, but think I need to start putting some money by for special vintage outings!  I did pick up lots of pretty business cards, so I can shop online at a later date.  I also treated myself to a very cute kitsch little deer.  He seduced me with his big eyes and I had to have him!

Are you going to any vintage events this summer?

4 thoughts on “Vintage Nation One Day Festival

  1. ahh i wish we had vintage events here in my little corner of the world! i love anything that's vintage — i'm an addict.really love your blog, by the way! i'm now officially suscribed :)-alexandra


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