Wishlist 003

Topshop Pansy Print Collar Dress : The simplicity of this vintage-style dress is really sweet and that collar adds a little something special.  It looks perfect for a summer day out!
Warehouse Floral 50’s Dress : I love the print and colours of this dress!  It would look great with polished wavy hair and a slick of bright lipstick.
New Look Strappy Block Heels (Light Brown and Black) : I hardly ever wear heels (I only own one pair, shock horror) but really like these!  They’re simple and classic…I just can’t decide on which colour!

10 thoughts on “Wishlist 003

  1. I love the pansy dress. I thought about buying it, but I just bought Topshop's swan print dress, which I realised in the shop was the exact same cut, so I thought I'd better not. I always end up buying basically the same item over and over again!


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