Horse Print Shirt

I haven’t been out shopping in Very Long Time, due to exams and deadlines and have instead resorted to online shopping.  This is something I usually rarely do; I like to be able to try on anything I buy and see what it looks like in person.  However, when I saw this shirt on Ebay, I couldn’t resist!

The horse print is really cute and I can see the shirt being a rather versatile item as it can easily be dressed up or down.  This particular seller is based in China and the shirt did take a whole month to get to me.  However, they’ve got some really cute other Zara and ASOS items that are very cheap and I’m already planning my next order!

7 thoughts on “Horse Print Shirt

  1. I LUV MINI PRINTS OF ANIMALS! JUST BAUGHT SOME BLACK TROU WITH MINI GOOSE/SWANS ALL OVER THEM FROM TOPSHOPsorry for capitals, i luv ur blog xopollie xowww.pollyflo.blogspot.comand my friends fashion


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