Wishlist 002

I’ve only got about two weeks until I’m all done with deadlines and exams but I’ve realised that one of the saddest things about finishing Uni and education in general is that I’ll never get to shop for ‘new school stuff’ ever again!  I’m a bit of a stationery freak, and one of my favourite shops is Paperchase, so this realisation is pretty devastating!  I’m telling myself everything’s OK and that I can buy new stationery for work…it doesn’t really feel the same though!

Cat Highlighters : I love the cute little faces and ears on these!  They also do a panda variation!
Cath Kidston Pencil Case : I do love a bit of Cath, and this ‘Bleached Flowers’ print is simple and pretty.  I love the colour of the zip too!
Ladybird Pins : I must admit that I squealed when I spied these!  They’re so fun and I certainly wouldn’t have felt so gloomy about pinning up dates of assessment deadlines with them!
Party Invitations : I love the idea of sending out party invites for a girly cocktail evening, and these cute woodland ones are from Oxfam so all the profits go to helping others!  They’re made from recycled materials too, so it would be rude not to really!
Eco Notebooks : Another Eco product, but this time from Paperchase.  The folk style flowers make me really happy!
Blueberry and Strawberry Gel pens : I have these and they smell amazing!  I’ll be definitely repurchasing!
Satchel : I’ve been wanting an old school style satchel for a while, but I’m really fussy about bags and haven’t found the perfect one yet (or one that I can afford!).  This classic offering from the Cambridge Satchel Company comes pretty close to perfect though!  I’d best start saving my pennies!

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