I am due a holiday.  I haven’t left our tiny island since I welcomed in 2006 in Russia with a group from my Sixth Form.  For a while now, I’ve been lusting after a city break to Paris. I blame this on being mesmerised by Laduree macarons via The Cherry Blossom Girl and watching Amelie and An Education too many times!  More recently, Rachel Khoo’s The Little Paris Kitchen certainly hasn’t helped the situation.

Source – BBC

Tonight’s episode is sadly the last in the series, but I’ve been hooked from the start.  It’s not just the really tasty, homely dishes she creates (the kind you can almost smell as you’re sat salivating in front of the TV) but Khoo herself is down to earth and I genuinely want her to be my best friend!  I want to be eating the food she makes..and wouldn’t mind rifling through her wardrobe and stealing her lipsticks!

It seems my desire to see Paris is entirely fuelled by food!  I think I’d always want to be in a boulangerie or a patisserie or wishing my lactose intollerance could go on holiday itself so I could be eating my body weight in cheese.  For now I fear I’ll just have to make do with eating a croissant while watching Amelie…again!

One thought on “Paris!

  1. Ahh I keep meaning to catch up on The Little Paris Kitchen online, I haven't watched any of it and the last episode is tonight!! Haha, I need to get on that sharpish. Hope you get a holiday soon 🙂 x


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