Happy Easter!

This is Stacey.  (She has a long lost boyfriend called Bradley who lives with a friend, but that’s a story for another day!)  Today she helped me make some Easter Nests …after making friends with my Lindt bunny and spinning about in cake cases!  

“…Carrot Cake is your favourite too?!”


Easter Nests – makes approx 18

100g bar of dark chocolate (Sainsburys Basics worked fine and super cheap!)
100g cereal of your choice (Shredded wheat, cornflakes…I used Rice Krispies)
1 Bag of Mini Eggs

  • Break up and melt the chocolate.
  • Add in the cereal until it’s thoroughly coated in the chocolate.
  • Spoon into case cases and top with Mini Eggs.
  • Pop into the fridge until the chocolate has set.  

These are really simple to make and SO tasty!  I’ve always wanted to add in some other goodies, like marshmallows or dried fruit… kind of like an easter nest/rocky road lovechild but never got round to it!  Maybe next year!

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