We’ll Take Manhattan

I’ve been hiding under a mountain of library books and dissertation notes for the past few weeks, no doubt like every other third year University student at the moment!  I decided it was time to take a break and finally post about We’ll Take Manhattan.

The plot follows fledgling model Jean Shrimpton (Karen Gillan) and her relationship with up-and-coming photographer David Bailey (Aneurin Barnard).  For me the stars of the show were both Aneurin Barnard and Helen McCrory who plays Vogue’s fashion editor, Lady Clare Rendlesham.  On screen, their relationship is tempestuous at the best of times as Bailey plots to get his edgy and youthful photographs into the popular magazine, much to traditional and glamourous Rendlesham’s disgust. 


The programme is full of chic silhouette’s; both of early ’60s fashion and of New York.  I soon found myself lusting after Rendlesham’ wardrobe… and a plate of egg and chips! 

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