‘Amazene’ Natural Beauty

I have very dry and sensitive skin, which means I’m constantly on the look out for ‘miracle moisturisers’!  And it seems I may have come close at last!  For Christmas, I received Amazene Cocoa and Capaiba body scrub…and I LOVE it!  Not only does it smell delicious but it really works at keeping my skin hydrated.  
I’d never heard of Amazene products before, but so far I’m really impressed.  The brand is passionate about truly natural skin care, and all their products are free from sulphates and parabens.  They are also registered with the Vegan Society and are totally against animal testing.  Central to all their collections is what they call the Amazonia ABC; each product is created from a foundation of Acai, Babacu and Cupuaca.  The combination of these core ingredients ensures that your skin is moisturised and provided with antioxidants to combat ageing.
According to the Amazene website, our skin is subjected to over 200 different chemicals every day.  I’m really quite fussy about what I eat; I like to know exactly what’s going into my body and try to make things from scratch as not to overload my digestive system with unnecessary nasties!  It’s only occured to me recently that I should be taking the same approach with my skin care.  The effectiveness of my body scrub has certainly proved to me that natural skin care really is the way to go.
I shall certainly be looking into re-purchasing the body scrub I have and have my eye on their range of body butters (I’ve tried a few of the Body Shop ones but find they leave my skin a little greasy).  Of course The Body Shop is the most well known natural beauty company; the first store opened in 1976 and the early 1980s saw rapid growth of the company.  Anita Roddick’s philosophy is now rolled out in over 2500 stores worldwide.  Other eco- and skin-friendly brands to try are Botanicals at Boots, Barefoot Botanicals and for those with a higher budget, Dr Hauschka.

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